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The place where the Theoretical and the Practical Knowledge converge!

About SPV mentors

SPV mentors are a team of passionate students, teachers, engineers, pilots, professionals, amateurs, scientists, researchers and inventors with the mission of providing realistic and meaningful education/training. We firmly believe in the marriage of theory with practical work which seems to be lacking in Indian schools, colleges, and universities. Hence our small effort this way towards the Nation Building!


Inside a Jet Engine


Invitation from Chief Mentor

Do you want to learn about the Gas Turbines, Jet Engines, Reciprocating Engines, Aeroplanes, Helicopters and various subjects of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering? You might have learned about these amazing machines in your college/university on the blackboard or might have seen these machines in the laboratories or parked in the campuses? But did you ever get a chance to actually work with your own hands on a Gas turbine engine or a Reciprocating Engine? Did you ever experience the joy of removing a turbine and putting it back inside the Jet Engine? Did you ever apply your theoretical knowledge to the practical work?

SPV mentors are an elite group of international and national level engineers and personalities having a life-time of experience behind them. Come to us and learn the practical work and the theory behind it from such eminent beings. We will impart you not only technical education but also give you coaching for life.

Our mission is to produce Quality Engineers, Technocrats and Great Human Beings who can innovate, serve the society, be the future leaders and make India, our motherland great once again. 

Jet Engine Pioneers

Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you  learned in school

Albert Einstein

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